If the Swiss DJ ‘Prince Boogie’ was a snowboard trick, he would definitely be a Switch 1260° Double Cork. With his love for experimentation – which closely resembles the one that characterised Albert Hofmann (R.I.P.) – the virtuous musician from Lucerne mixes the most contrasting samples into airtight tracks. In this manner Erol Alkan becomes one with Stiller Has, quotes from Travis Rice are accentuated with M83 and a millipede pitter-patters over minimalistic beats from the Roundtable Knights. If it doesn’t fit, the prince just uses a bigger hammer. He spares neither trouble nor expense at his gigs in order to squeeze his highly explosive dance tunes behind the party-goer’s cerebral cortex. Prince Boogie’s tracks open a whole new world to the auditory canals of his listeners – in some cases even causing aural orgasms. With his 15 years of professional experience Prince Boogie has become a grown ass turntable rocker. It takes more than a slack joint, a broken needle or unbound groupie love in order to discompose his focus. While in 1998 Prince Boogie was mainly entertaining the local skate and snowboard scene, today he plays for party animals which are found in the urban clubs and alpine ski resorts of Switzerland as wells as in unexplored party temples from Sweden to Slovakia.

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