Mannequine, the duo comprising of gifted songwriter Claudio Salvia and versatile dj Ruben Cassiano also behind their Swiss hometown’s best club night. After kicking off their collaboration with bootlegs and edits, the pair soon moved onto producing tentalizing tunes, high on tasteful melodies and rich arrangements, naturally fusing funk, house, nu-disco, indie, r’n’b, beats… in one inspired spell that’s got a definite 2013 stamp to it.

Soon several remixes followed, including their impeccable dramadisco reinterpretation of Kill The Hero ft Maggie K de Monde ‘Surrender’ (the 3rd Continental release where they were running against fierce competition with remixes from the likes of Shazam, Play Paul/Tulip, Reflex, Lancelot…) and soon enough Mannequine got working on their debut release, a voluptuous invitation not short of vibey keys, bouncy beats and exotic fragrance.

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